Full Name
Matthew Salois
Job Title
Chief Economist
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
Speaker Bio
I am an executive-level analytics leader with experience developing enterprise-wide research strategies and leading teams of analytical professionals. I am deeply driven by the challenge of unlocking the actionable insights hidden inside data to deliver value to businesses and organizations while also promoting positive social change.

Right alongside economics, I have an equal passion for leading people. My leadership style is to inspire and empower by creating a team culture of accountability, performance, and trust. I believe a great manager must also be a mentor, coach, and role model for the team, clearing the path for peak performance.

I excel at building strong partnerships and collaborative work relationships with key stakeholders and enjoy working to resolve organizational and personal conflict. I have a strong personal philosophy of building consensus and alignment through diplomacy, shared respect and relationship management.

I am an excellent communicator, skilled in distilling complex information into fact-based and compelling data-driven stories that are powerful and persuasive, influencing mindsets and outcomes. I am a seasoned presenter, having been in front of small (1,000) and I am skilled at making presentations engaging and impactful.
Matthew Salois