Full Name
Dr. Edgar D Goluch
Job Title
QSM Diagnostics
Speaker Bio
Dr. Goluch founded QSM Diagnostics, Inc. in 2014, while an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston. Dr. Goluch licensed the IP that he developed with his research group from the university and joined QSM Diagnostics full time in 2017. He currently serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board at QSM Diagnostics.

Dr. Goluch holds a doctorate in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His interdisciplinary training in chemical, mechanical, and biological engineering allows him to connect concepts from various disciplines to provide unique solutions to complex problems. Dr. Goluch has over 60 publications in the areas of sensors, microfluidics, and biophysics, and is listed as the inventor on multiple patents. He has received award from multiple professional organizations and his publications have been cited over 2000 times.
Edgar Goluch