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Synopsys Specialists available: 

Designing AI SoC

  • Luc Elman, VP, Applications Engineering
  • Cristina Borelli, Director of Sales
  • Barry Woodcock, Senior Applications Engineer

IP for AI

  • Fabienne Desbouvries, Product Solution Sales Manager
  • Martine Antonio, Senior Product Solution Sales Manager

AI and Automotive

  • Christian Malter, Senior Director Business Development
  • Cristina Borelli, Director of Sales

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Martine Antonio
Product Solutions Sales Manager

Cristina Borelli
Director Sales

Gordon Cooper
Product Marketing Manager

Fabienne Desbouvries
Product Solution Sales Manager

Luc Elman
VP Applications Engineering

Emma Gardiner
Marketing Communications Specialist

Christian Malter
Senior Director Business Development

Alec Vogt
Senior Manager, Regional Sales

Gregor Wiethaler
Director Sales

Barry Woodcock
Senior Staff Applications Engineer

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PANEL: Designing Safe, Power-Efficient and Affordable Autonomous Systems
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 8:35 AM - 9:20 AM
Robert Krutsch Arnaud Van Den Bossche
Session Type
Virtual Session Link

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