Full Name
Nicole A Rogers
Job Title
Whisker Docs
Speaker Bio
It is exciting to be part of the arrival of Telehealth to the pet industry. From whiskerDocs' perspective, our piece of the puzzle is giving the consumer access to what they need, when they need it, by whatever means they need to interact.

whiskerDocs is a tech enabled, clinically guided eco-system that engages and supports pet parents as they care for their companion animal family members. From urgent issues to everyday events, our self-guided tools allow for instant support, via mobile access points, and facilitate real time, on demand connection with our expert veterinary team when needed.

Driven by the appropriate metrics and our proprietary clinical algorithms, whiskerDocs’ underlying platform allows for storage and integration of pet health records as well as plug and play connections to partner systems and consumer facing digital real estate.

Our mission is to positively impact pet health and wellness by empowering pet parents with the knowledge and resources they need to care for and enjoy the experience that companion animals offer. We do this by meeting the pet parent where they’re at in real time, with on demand access to expert guidance delivered via multiple tech-enabled modalities.
Nicole Rogers