Full Name
Antton Alberdi Estibaritz
Job Title
Associate Professor
University of Copenhagen
Speaker Bio
Antton Alberdi is an evolutionary ecologist graduated from the University of the Basque Country who is currently leading a research group of 11 scientists focused on studying host-microbiota interactions in wild and domestic animals using genomics and metagenomics techniques at the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics of the GLOBE Institute, Denmark. He joined the University of Copenhagen in 2016 and since 2019 he is the Scientific Manager of the European H2020 project HoloFood, in which new strategies for improving animal welfare and performance are being developed by combining multi-omics (i.e. genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics) applied to both the host and the microbiota. He is also the coordinator of the Earth Hologenome Initiative, a global endeavour to generate paired genomic and metagenomic datasets from wild and domestic animals for better understanding their evolutionary and ecological relationships, ultimately aimed at improving wildlife conservation and animal production practices.
Antton Alberdi Estibaritz