Full Name
Esther Tristani
Job Title
Associate Research Fellow
Burt's Bees
Speaker Bio
Esther Tristani is an Associate Research Fellow at Burt’s Bees responsible for delivering and maintaining a robust pipeline of innovative personal care and cosmetic products. As the Fragrance and Lip Care Subject Matter Expert, Esther is responsible for the fragrance direction across the Burt’s Bees portfolio and bringing new lip innovation to life.

Her first role was as product developer in the Home Care Base Business group where Esther led projects from development through commercialization on such brands as Pine-Sol, Lestoil, 409 and Clorox Kitchen Cleaner. Esther drove cost-savings for her brands, while still focusing on product improvements, regulatory compliance and innovation around fragrance and surface safety.
Esther later transitioned into New Business Product Development, leading the fast-paced concept and development of 21 personal care and cleaning products in the Clorox® Care Concepts™ brand with the first launch in a game-changer platform aimed at providing hospital-grade products while maintaining the comfort of home care, a new area for Clorox.
Esther has a lot of passion for diversity and inclusion initiatives. While at Clorox, she was a valuable leader within the Latinos for Excellence, Advancement and Development (LEAD) program. Her work in Hispanic immersion and outreach activities align directly with the corporate diversity strategy. In addition to improving engagement, her work has led to a deeper understanding of Latino culture and behaviors allowing more meaningful Hispanic Platform products to be developed. One of Esther’s signature moments was serving as the spokesperson for Concentrated Clorox Regular Bleach on a major Hispanic broadcasting network. Most recently, Esther spearheaded the launch of a Multicultural Network at Burt’s Bees introducing awareness and drive for multicultural diversity into the business.
Esther has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Duke University. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Indiana University.
Esther Tristani