Full Name
Janell Schroeder
Job Title
Document Control & Certification Specialist
Intelligent Nutrients
Speaker Bio
Janell Schroeder brings over 10+ years knowledge and experience in personal care product development, manufacturing, certification and regulatory compliance, working primarily with natural and organic ingredients for Intelligent Nutrients.
Janell has a strong attention to detail, evident in her status as an industry expert in essential oils through sourcing, purchasing, QC, handling, compounding, and documentation including certification. Packaging is an area of personal passion in terms of reducing the footprint by encouraging the use of highly recyclable materials.
She is passionate about reducing her lifestyle footprint, which has expanded to inspire her co-workers by creating workplace and home mindful practices; she leads volunteer opportunities that actively address local environmental needs such as water front clean up and replanting natural prairie grasses.
Janell has always challenged herself personally and professionally with new adventures and experiences. Some of the most notable were living and working in Japan and sailing around Galveston Bay for a summer.
Janell Schroeder