Full Name
Carlos Sanchez
Job Title
Corporate Manager Environment
PMI (Philip Morris International)
Speaker Bio
Carlos’s background is in industrial engineering and he hold an INSEAD MBA. During 20+ years of experience he helped companies to reduce their energy consumption and invest in renewables. Carlos joined PMI 6 years ago to be in charge of 46 factories’ energy management program and afterwards as global manager for environment, developing programs like:

Carbon emissions; setting SBTi targets; developing a new PMI’s Carbon footprint model; creating a renewable on-site energy investing scheme based on MACC curve; doubling PMI renewable electricity sourced achieving 64% in 2018; performing a Climate Change Risk Assessment following TCFD investor recommendations; and, Carbon neutrality factory.

Water reduction; Alliance for Water Stewardship; Water footprint

Reporting: DJSI, CDP last 2 years

Supplier engagement: CDP Supply Chain program last 3 years
Carlos Sanchez