Full Name
Bill Gamelli
Job Title
Founder & CEO
Mocktail Beverages
Speaker Bio
As an innovator in the No/Lo alcohol adult beverage industry, Bill and his family are proud to be exporting their premium drinks, made in the U.K., to 3 Continents. Bill brings his 15 years of finance experience at the global investment banks where his practice focused on post IPO and M&A liquidity for Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Start-up Company clients. Bill earned his undergraduate degree with double majors in economics and political science from Boston University, where he met his roommate, friend, and co-founder, Jim Dowla and, lucky for him, his wife Tracy. She turned out to be the inspiration for creating Mocktails, along with other family members among the Founders, Jim Dowla ad Mark Guthrie. Once Bill discovered that Mark and Jim were also starting a No/Lo alcohol beverage company, and they realized that 3 of 6 adults in their families were non-drinkers, it was an easy decision to pool their resources, and Mocktails was born.
Bill Gamelli