Full Name
Ms Charlotte Catignani
Job Title
Lead Category Manager
Speaker Bio
Charlotte is the Lead Category Manager at Treatt, a trusted ingredients manufacturer and solutions
provider to the global flavour, fragrance and consumer goods markets. She joined Treatt in 2005
following medicinal chemistry research in academia and has gained vast experience in bench to
market product development. Charlotte has recently progressed from her role as Research and
Development Manager to join the commercial team and establish a category management
department at Treatt.
Charlotte leads the group’s global Category Management team, maximising cross business
collaboration, sales and contribution. She ensures that Treatt is utilising maximum potential from
our seven core product categories by delivering strategic plans and road maps for future success.
Supporting a global sales team, Charlotte is on the frontline when it comes to customer training,
knowledge sharing and collaboration. She has presented to some of the world’s biggest beverage
brands, educating their internal teams on the cutting‐edge technology of our industry.
Charlotte is passionate about science and flavour and loves broadening her knowledge in these
areas, particularly when food and drink is involved. She also enjoys the challenge of muddy obstacle
course races. She is well‐known and respected across the group as a colleague with extensive
knowledge and experience, but also a relentlessly positive attitude and a truly creative outlook.
Charlotte Catignani