Full Name
Mr Paul Ryan
Job Title
Chief Business Development Officer
Speaker Bio
Paul Ryan joined the Integumen PLC team as Chief Sales Officer in July 2019. Paul is responsible for Labskin operations and sales while feeding into and off plc synergies.

Formerly Head of New Business Development at 8 West Consulting (www.8west.ie) since Jan 2015, where he was responsible for new business development for their 220+ personnel operation, selling to global customers, including Anthem Inc., a US Fortune 50 health insurance company, Estee Lauder and Avon. Paul's key strength is driving sales through alliances and partnerships, with companies such as Microsoft, Dell and Sony, all of whom work with 8 West.

Earlier roles include VP Sales for LeT Systems, a Irish software company with global customers (USA, UK, Asia) in electrical utilities, where he was responsible for sales and partnerships with Siemens, SAP, Accenture, IBM and others. Earlier in his career Paul was Managing Director of Envision Marketing Consultants Ltd., a full service research and consulting practice and an approved consultancy provider under all Irish government agencies and semi-state agencies.

Paul was Sales & Marketing Manager of ERA-Maptec Ltd., Dublin, a campus technology company spun out from Trinity College Dublin. The company works in natural resource/satellite mapping technologies, serving international mineral exploration, land use and cartographic publishing markets.
Paul Ryan