Full Name
Alex Chapman
Job Title
Operations Manager
Speaker Bio
Alex has almost 20 years experience working in large and small companies, at a variety of levels.

Alex trained as a Chemist while at the national Central Science Laboratory a department of the Food and Environment Agency in the United Kingdom. As an Analytical Chemist he developed new testing methods for the agency, specialising in GC & LC-MS.

Alex later joined Paraytec Ltd., a UV imaging detector manufacturer and University of York spin-out, and rose to Sales and Technical Manager. He was responsible for overall management of laboratory testing and managed product development and sales activities.

Alex joined Labskin in 2017 and is now Head of Operations. He is responsible for the rapid scaling of both the product and services offering (which integrates testing and secure online data) and working with clients to showcase Labskin expertise and meet client needs.

Alex also leads technical pre-sales and sales support for Labskin, interacting with customers and partners, and is a frequent speaker at events and conferences.
Alex Chapman