Full Name
Mr. Craig Thomson
Job Title
Partner & Patent Attorney
HGF Intellectual Property Specialists
Speaker Bio
Craig has considerable experience in providing pragmatic, commercially focused advice to a wide-range of clients and in relation to biotechnological and pharmaceutical inventions. As well as patent drafting and prosecution, Craig advises on the development of company-wide IP strategies, preparing for or carrying out funding/acquisition due diligence, and advising on aggressive/defensive strategies in relation to third party IP. After having worked on matters in the field for more than 15 years, a particular focus of Craig’s practice relates to therapeutic microbiome innovations. Craig has worked on projects in relation to OTC products, faecal transplant therapies, bacterial and bacteriophage therapies (single strain and consortia), formulation technologies, bioinformatics analysis of microbiome, production and purification processes, synthetic biology and a wide range of diagnostics (for example, those for detecting or quantifying bacterial infection and those that use bacteriophage). Having worked closely with multi-national corporations, Craig is aware of the particular challenges associated with efficiently prosecuting large multi-national patent portfolios, whilst keeping them relevant to the business. Craig has also found this experience of value when advising SMEs on collaborations with such large entities. Craig is a European, UK and Irish patent attorney, and one of the founding partners of HGFs Microbiome IP team.
Craig Thomson