Full Name
Dr. Alison O’Mahony PhD
Job Title
VP, Translational Biology
Eurofins Discovery
Speaker Bio
Alison O’Mahony, PhD. is currently the Vice President of Translational Biology in the Phenotypic Services division of Eurofins Discovery. In this role, Alison helps lead the application and interpretation of the proprietary BioMAP® phenotypic profiling platform to help improve drug discovery for better clinical outcomes. She and the BioMAP team are global leaders in the phenotypic evaluation and prioritization of candidate molecules and combinations as potential therapeutic strategies in the areas of immune-oncology, autoimmunity, inflammation, fibrosis, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases as well as safety toxicology etc. Her expertise in developing and applying translational models to recapitulate tissue and disease models has helped propel this platform into the leading phenotypic platform. Her research interests are focused on building superior translational disease models that integrate human biology and innovative data analytics towards predictive approaches to find more effective and safer treatments. Alison holds a Ph.D. from University College Cork, Ireland and was a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis before becoming a Staff Investigator at the Gladstone Institutes at UCSF. Alison has over 25 years specializing in cell biology, signal transduction, biomarker expression and phenotypic drug discovery. She has published multiple peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and webinars and has received several international and national awards for her work.
Alison O’Mahony