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DNA Synthesis Technology 

How synthetic DNA is made

Precision Mutant Library

How to optimize your antibody drug candidate


Meet our Team

Kimberley Arnold
Senior Marketing Specialist

Jessica Cao
Marketing Specialist

Zhonglei Chen
Senior Scientist

Hui Chen
Director of Antibody Department

Megan Chen
Sr. Regional Sales Manager

Molly Chen
Regional Sales Manager

Kay Chuang
Director of Sales and Technical

Brennan Hicks
Associate Sales Manager

Heidi Huang
Director of Service Marketing

Meredith Jackrel
Assistant Professor

Linda Jesse

Yifan Li
senior manager 

Andrew Luan
product manager

Salah Moghram
Sales Account Manager

Marinella Sandros
Senior Product Manager

Minlong Shi
Production and Operation VP

Julia Su
Regional Technical Account Manager

Grace Tan
marketing specialist

Eric Wang
Vice President of RSBU marketing

Maung Nyan Win
Senior Field Application Scientist

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