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Andreia Duarte
Sales Manager, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Africa

Erica Fong
Marketing Specialist EU

Nicholas Gouw
Marketing Specialist EU

Vincent Hua
Sales Manager, Benelux

Sherlin Lee
Marketing Specialist EU

Christina --- Li
Sales Account Manager, South Germany and Austria

Weilin Liu
Technical and Sales Account Manager (CPBU)

Elaine Lou
Sr. Technical Account Manager

Mr Vladimir Mazurov
Sales Executive, Germany and Austria

Jungsoo Park
Marketing Director EU

Marinella Sandros
Senior Product Manager

Linda Tchatchouang
Sales Account Manager, France

Thiru Thangarajah
Sales Executive, Southern UK

Maung Nyan Win
Field Application Scientist

Frédéric Xu
Senior Technical Sales Manager

Emma Zhang
Sales Director of European Division

Frank Zhong
Technical Account Manager

Matthew Zhou
Sales Manager for Sweden & Finland