Full Name
Bita Farhadpour
Job Title
Virtual care Administrative Lead
Dignity Health
Speaker Bio
Bita is a software engineer with an MBA in Health Industry Leadership who serves as a virtual care and innovation administrative leader for healthcare organizations. She currently serves as virtual care administrative lead for Dignity Health, where she leads virtual care governance and organizational alignment, performance management, network development, growth and oversight of activities and quality across the organization. In this role, she has implemented numerous system-wide ambulatory Virtual Care services. These include the creation and/or redesign of 20-plus virtual care service lines for the system, collaborating with physicians, care-givers, suppliers, IT and operations departments to achieve patient care goals. As the key advisor on all matters related to Virtual Care, Bita developed online training modules for patients and clinicians, and established all policies, scheduling, billing and marketing for Virtual Care services.

During the COVID-19 crisis, she and her team onboarded 1,200 clinicians and provided more than 200,000 virtual visits to patients across California in just few months. In addition, Remote Patient Monitoring for at risk populations and Tele-Specialty Clinics are providing ongoing Virtual Care for endocrinology, cardiology, multiple sclerosis, pulmonology, palliative care, mental health, geriatric, electrophysiology, neurosurgery and neurology patients. These virtual care services have dramatically reduced hospitalizations and ER visits, cut no-shows and improved patient satisfaction scores.

Prior to joining Dignity, Bita led the Telemedicine program at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston. In that role, she wrote and received grants, developed, implemented and maintained the infrastructure for 20 service lines of hospital and ambulatory clinic telemedicine programs. Several of these programs became the national standard for the VA, and provided huge cost savings for patients and the system while also improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Bita started her career in healthcare as the Telemedicine Technical Director for the Telemedicine Research Center in Tehran, Iran. During her tenure there, she build a telemedicine robot and other hardware, designed software, and made healthcare monitoring possible for the first time in some rural areas of the country.

Throughout her 14 year career in telehealth/virtual care, Bita has focused on innovation and collaboration to achieve patient care and organizational goals.
Bita Farhadpour