Clean Beauty Speakers

Ingestible Beauty Speakers

Al Iannuzzi - Estee Lauder

Esther Tristani - Burt's Bees

Martin Mulvihill - Safer Made

Tiila Abbitt - Aether Beauty

 Christa Mariano - Pipette

Lindsay Dahl - BeautyCounter

Mercedes Taylor - Youth To The People

Valerie Grandury - Odacite

Cameron Plese - Roundtable of Sustatinable Palm Oil

Lisa Gandolfi - Inolex

Shannon Hess - Burt's Bee

Jim Francisco - Jeen International Corporation

Colin Darretta - Wellpath

Ellis Fried - SMPL


Gina Holzer - Wholy Dose

Julia Sutton - Exhale Spa

Suhail Ishaq - Biocell Collagen

Zena Wozniak - HUM Nutrition

Delilah Vinzon -  Federal Trade Commission

Eugene He - Ceramiracle

Hunter Landerholm - California Department of Justice

Kathleen Dunnigan -  National Advertising Division

Tara Tersigni - Evolution_18

Derek Bowen - Ceramiracle

Flo Glendenning - The Nue.Co

Jules Miller - The Nue.Co

Marc St Onge - Bend Beauty

Walter Faulstroh - HUM Nutrition