KLC AI Hardware Accelerators 2020-21

(Part 3): Edge and Automotive 2020

Meet The Analyst

Michael Azoff is Chief Analyst at Kisaco Research, the company behind the AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit series. His responsibilities include the production of Kisaco Research’s first industry vendor comparison report comprising of nearly 20 AI chip vendors across the global ecosystem.

Any enquiries please email analysis@kisacoresearch.com

The World's First AI Chip Comparison Reports (Parts 1-3)

The Kisaco Leadership Charts are created from data supplied by the vendors, and give, for the first time, a clear and objective view of how vendors rank against one another in terms of both the strength of their products and their capacity to execute on customer requirements. These charts are accompanied by in-depth market analysis, vendor strengths and weaknesses and predictions for future trends.

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AI Hardware Accelerators 2020-21 (Part 1): Technology and Market Landscapes, July 2020

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KLC AI Hardware Accelerators 2020-21 (Part 2): Data Centers and HPC, July 2020

KLC AI Hardware Accelerators 2020-21   (Part 3): Edge and automotive, July 2020