The Jada System (Alydia Health)


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Inspired by the possibility of saving millions of women’s lives around the world, in 2010 two Cal Poly biomedical engineering students set out to design a definitive treatment for postpartum hemorrhage. Their vision led to the creation of a device that replicates the natural contraction of the uterus to rapidly stop bleeding. Through extensive research, development, and incubation with the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Fogarty Institute for Innovation and clinical evaluation, that early concept grew into the JadaⓇ System—the flagship product of AlydiaⓇ Health. Today, AlydiaⓇ Health is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

OCON Healthcare IUB SEAD (Spherical Endometrial Ablation Device)


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OCON Healthcare develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative women’s health products based on our IUB™ (Intra Uterine Ball) proprietary platform. The IUB™, made of a super-elastic alloy Nitinol, is an ideal carrier for hormone-free contraception and other intrauterine drugs.

OCON’s first platform product, the IUB™ Ballerine®, is a long term, copper-based hormone-free intrauterine contraceptive. The IUB™ Ballerine® is CE, NHS and Amar approved, indicated for 5 years of use and is available in 30 countries across Europe, South Africa, South America and Israel.

OCON's 2nd product platform is the IUB SEAD (Spherical Endometrial Ablation Device) catering the AUB market with a disruptive treatment that changes the paradigm of current availbale hormone treatments, expensive and/or aggressive ablation treatments and/or hysterectomies. 

The Company is also developing an innovative pipeline of products using the IUB™ frame for additional indications infertility and Myomas.

MOMM Diagnostics


MOMM Diagnostics opens previously laboratory-based markets for office- and self-testing. MOMM’s patented eFlow technology allows the quantification of low-abundant biomarkers from a single drop of blood. Our first application – a rapid test for Preeclampsia -  aims at reliable and early-stage molecular diagnosis of PE during doctors’ visits, using low-cost single-use cartridges and a hand-held reader. 

  • Streamline diagnostic process 
  • Our easy to use blood test for clear and reliable results allows monitoring of pregnant women during pregnancy check-ups and assists doctors to optimize patient care.
  • Save Lives
  • Early identification of patients at risk and immediate response to a patient’s changing condition will reduce the risk for mothers and their unborn babies.
  • Save Money
  • Reduction of false positives and focus on outpatient management will save the healthcare industry billions each year.
  • Ease of Mind
  • Clear results and most effective care reduces stress and anxiety for expectant mothers.



Preterm birth is the most common, catastrophic, and costly complication of pregnancy and the leading cause of infant death and illness worldwide. 1 in 10 babies is born preterm. 15 million a year worldwide, of which 1M will not survive and >1M will become disabled. 

PregnanTech's device, called LIONESS, is a novel, non-surgical and safe solution for the prevention of preterm birth. We hold two patents that protect the product's technological innovation.  

Initial findings in a clinical safety study with LIONESS among non-pregnant women intended for hysterectomy indicate the great potential inherent in the device. The most influential obstetrician in Europe, Prof. K. Nicolaides from King's College Hospital, London, will lead in 2021, a first clinical trial among pregnant women at risk of preterm birth.

PregnanTech's market potential is >$2 billion a year in developed countries alone. Sales are expected to commence by 2024 and exceed $100 million at the end of this decade. PregnanTech aims to produce a revolution in obstetrics and newborn pediatric medicine.



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PulseNmore has developed a handheld device that allows pregnant women to perform ultrasound scans on their unborn babies from the comfort of their home. The device docks with the user's smartphone, displays the images on the screen and sends them to a healthcare provider for analysis, helping to provide peace-of-mind and reduce unnecessary and costly emergency room visits. Founded in 2015, PulseNmore is based in Omer, Israel. For more information, please visit

Raydiant Oximetry


Raydiant  Oximetry,  Inc.  has  developed  a  safe  and  non-invasive  technology  that  directly  monitors a babies’ oxygenation during childbirth. For obstetric providers who are dissatisfied with  current  fetal  heart  rate  monitoring systems,  this  technology  leads  to  better-informed  decision making and better patient care. 

Currently there is no commercially available method to measure fetal  fetal oxygenation during birth. Our  technology  directly  determines  the  fetal  oxygen  level  using a  safe,  external,  single-use  photonic sensors  that  complements  existing  fetal  Doppler systems,  and  integrates  seamlessly  into  the  current monitoring  system.  It has the potential  to  become  the  standard  of  care  for  fetal  monitoring during childbirth.



Emme is addressing the missed birth control pill problem with a comprehensive closed-loop system that dramatically improves adherence - Hardware + App + Data.  The Emme Smart Case automatically senses when pills are taken and seamlessly connects with the app via Bluetooth to monitor and track pill adherence. The system customizes alerts (when needed) to remind users to take their pill based on daily habits. Each user’s unique data allows the app to provide additional insights and personalized information about how to handle missed pills based on CDC guidelines.

Emme offers the first integrated system, which removes the burden of remembering to take the pill and notifies at-risk users when back-up contraception is needed. The Emme Smart Case is compatible with more than 100 brands of birth control pills and uses patent-pending, multi-sensor technology to track when pills are taken. 

The smart case syncs with the app to send persistent customized reminders until the dose is taken and provides relevant health information. Users can also manage their cycles with tracking for mood, symptoms, and side effects. In beta testing, the Emme Smart Case and app drove an 80% reduction in missed pills, while 85% of participants reported improved confidence with the pill.



Babyscripts offers comprehensive virtual maternity care through a mobile app and remote monitoring devices to address the nationwide shortage of OBs; an outdated model for pregnancy care that has not decreased maternal morbidity and mortality; an inability to address social determinants of health; and the need to transition care outside of the clinic due to Covid-19. The only clinically-validated solution of its kind singularly-focused on obstetrical problems, the solution approaches maternity care through a digital education layer, patient management through remote monitoring, and collaboration between care team and payer to improve member care.

This three-tiered approach allows providers and payers to deliver risk-specific care to pregnant patients and members at any time or place. An integration-first approach, an implementation team dedicated to customer success, and data/IT architecture that allows the platform to be flexible within existing customer environments enables scale.



Nuvo Group is comprised of an experienced management team with diverse backgrounds from multi- national corporations and start-ups, health care, high tech, and consumer goods industry experience, and diverse functional expertise. The Company is backed by a strong board of directors and strategic advisory board comprised of former C-Suite executives from Fortune 50 companies, Hospital C-Suite experience, and medical advisors from renowned institutions globally.

Our Technology:

INVU(TM) is a platform technology designed to deliver medical-grade, remote pregnancy monitoring through a prescription initiated connected care experience between an OB team and an expectant mother. INVU recently received FDA 510K clearance to deliver its first service line of virtual prenatal visits. While our immediate focus is on serving OBs and shifting care delivery from the office/hospital to the home, the system is also well designed to serve supporting specialists on the care team (e.g., Cardiologist, Psychiatrist, Primary Care) through clinically actionable data insights and a dynamic and cohesive data dashboard. Our next submission to the FDA, expected at the end of this year, will be for uterine activity, which will allow INVU to expand its suite of capabilities to running non-stress tests (NSTs) for high risk pregnancies as well.

The platform is comprised of:

  • A self-administered, wearable sensor band which passively collects multiple sources of physiological signals (e.g., Fetal Heart Rate, Maternal Heart Rate, Maternal Uterine Activity) from mutually reinforcing fixed locations.
  • A dynamic cloud computing environment for data capture, digital signal processing, and computational power.
  • A visualization layer of connected mobile apps delivering a deep digital dashboard to the OB Team and a consumer-friendly view to the pregnant woman.

While INVU is revolutionary, it has been developed to “meet the system where it’s at” to easily integrate within a provider’s existing workflow:

  • OB prescribes INVU and associated use protocols.
  • Mom downloads app and registers device to enable shipment, session scheduling, and secure data- pairing.
  • Nuvo ships pregnancy kit to mom (sensor band, accessories, prescribed peripherals (e.g., blood pressure cuff.
  • Nuvo remotely collects and analyzes the data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud environment
  • During the reading, mom can access simplified data and insights via the app, while her provider
  • receives raw data in the same format as readings they would gather during in-office visits.
  • After use, mom returns device to Nuvo where it is cleaned, refurbished and prepared for the next patient.

In the near term Nuvo’s goal is to enable distributed care by shifting a portion of care delivery to the home. In parallel, Nuvo is building a big data/AI powered engine to enable predictive pathways for pregnancy management. This is especially vital during the current coronavirus crisis, in which many expectant mothers are receiving reduced care, or none at all. Through the use of INVU, we hope to maintain the standard of pregnancy care, without putting clinicians or patients at undue risk.

Nest Collaborative


Nest Collaborative is a women's healthcare technology company specializing in payer-reimbursed breastfeeding support. Delivered under an evidence-based preventive model, Nest Collaborative addresses the 2.6M women in the US who try and fail to meet minimum breastfeeding recommendations each year in an effort to reduce the related $18B in annual care costs.  We work with with stakeholders to increase early access to preventive and affordable care utilizing interventions proven to increased the duration of breastfeeding, improving health outcomes for two generations.