John Parkinson
Mr. John Parkinson
University of Toronto
Senior Scientist, Hospital for Sick Children and Professor
Welcome & Opening Remarks. Using Metabolic Modelling to Design a Healthy Microbiome

Arnaud Bouxin
Mr. Arnaud Bouxin
The European Feed Manufacturers’
Deputy Secretary General
Navigating and adapting the regulatory process for novel microbes

Sharon Huws
Ms. Sharon Huws
Global Food Security, Queens University Belfast
Professor In Animal Science & Microbiology
ROUNDTABLE: Producing Meat Ethically, Improving Productivity and Reducing Methane Emissions

Chad Hastad
Mr. Chad Hastad
New Fashion Pork
Director of Nutrition, Research & Support Operations
A Producers Perspective – What does the Farming Industry Need from a Microbiome Product

Mick Bailey
Mr. Mick Bailey
The University of Bristol
Professor of Comparative Immunology
How the Gut Microbiome will effect Animal Immunity

Andrew Morgan
Mr. Andrew Morgan
KTN Microbiome Innovation Network
Chair of the Advisory Board
Human, Animal and Plant Microbiomes – Joining the Dots