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Wednesday, August 18, 2021
The Key Trends and Market Dynamics of the Veterinary Profession in Latin America

Senior veterinary leaders in Brazil discuss the challenges in managing and supporting a fragmented network of vets in Brazil, encouraging vets to keep up to date with new medication and treatment, and building closer ties between vets, animal health companies and animal owners.

Understand how to:

• Overcome the challenges of working virtually and the impact of Covid-19 on the veterinary profession in Latin America

• Connect better with vets when 30% of Brazil’s veterinarians work autonomously

• Bridge gaps between vets, animal health companies, and animal owners, using approaches such as apps and online platforms to maximize new market potential.

Carla Berl - VCA
Dr Daniel Hato - Dr Hato Veterinary Hospital
Luiz Luccas - ALPHA HLD
Eduardo Pacheco - Santa Ines Veterinary Hospital
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Modern veterinary practices

A deep dive into what vet practices and veterinarians are looking for in terms of technological innovation, and the partnering opportunities for start-ups and research and development teams. • Understand the key areas of innovation veterinarians are focusing on to map out your business priorities • Profit from information on exclusive partnership opportunities with vet practices that will benefit your future growth plans

Simone Blay Leiderman - Zoetis
Renato Costa - Brazilian Association of Veterinary Hospitals (ABHV)
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Future Opportunities and Challenges for Animal Health in Latin America, Post Covid-19

This panel will discuss the trends and dynamics and the industry specifically in Latin America, opportunities and challenges as the industry begins to exit the situation with Covid-19 and how animal health business can find synergies and areas of collaboration for the benefit of all parties.

Luis Rojas - Zoetis
Delair Bolis - SINDAN
Kleber Gomes - Ouro Fino
Marcel Duarte - IDEXX
Ricardo Vicalvi - Zoetis
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Barriers To Entry In The Latin America Agtech Market

Ensure your future success in the Latin America AgTech market by exploring available routes to overcome barriers to launching start-ups, including: •   Financing your start-up business - raise capital or secure investment at the right stage for your business. •   Developing your new technology or product so that it aligns with market demand. •   Regulation and licensing issues for animal health start-ups

Bernardo Otero - NEXUS Animal Health
Daniel Ibri - Mindset Ventures
Cristina Jorge - CMJ Consultoria & Assessoria
Magdalena Anchorena - AgTech Garage
Luis Azevedo - The Yield Lab
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How Brazil and other key Latin American countries can remain competitive on the global food-production stage

Recognize the sustainability practices and market trends that other top food-producing regions are responding to and determine the best strategies for Latin American producers to maintain their position as top global food producers. In this session you will discover how to: • Increase sustainability in animal production through improved animal health processes. • Enhance traceability in the food supply chain to meet consumer demand with improved herd management technology

Aidan Connolly - Alltech
Ricardo Negri - ITBA
Edival Santos - MSD Saúde Animal
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Thursday, August 19, 2021
The Opportunities for The Growth of Ecommerce in Latin America with PetLove

The rise in ecommerce provides opportunities for closer connections between businesses, vets, and consumers while improving data collection to support more efficient business practices. Understand how to: • Use online platforms to assess and meet demand from pet owners for better treatments, and supporting vets to supply them. • Interpret potential market growth for animal health technology as people in Latin America become more comfortable buying online

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Challenges on spreading technology: an innovative farm’s vision

A discussion on what technological innovation producers are in need of, and how start-ups and research and development teams can take advantage of these opportunities • Map out your business strategies according to the key areas of innovation producers are focusing on • Strengthen your future growth plan with information on exclusive partnership opportunities with producers

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Digitalization: Opportunities and challenges in Latin America

Covid-19 has changed how businesses in the Latin American animal health market operate, from business practices and commercial strategies, to how different stakeholders communicate with each other. Online platforms are transforming animal health practices in Latin America by bridging the gaps in access to technology and treatment. You will learn to: • Facilitate closer ties between vets, animal health companies, and animal producers and pet owners through digitalization and online platforms. • Maximize opportunities to provide better treatment for animals by improving and expanding access to diagnostic and treatment facilities. • Make use of improved record-keeping and greater data sharing to benefit all stakeholders in the animal health industry

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How Innovation In Animal Monitoring Technology Can Support Animal Health And Welfare

Part 1: Strengthen Your Business Through Herd Management and Production Animal Monitoring.

Production animal monitoring and how this can lead to improved herd health, lowered medical costs, and increased traceability for the food supply chain

• Build a full picture of an animal’s wellbeing through monitoring, and using this data to identify and predict potential issues and treat proactively

• Streamline your business practices through improved herd data collection and pinpoint areas of improvement in treatment or nutrition

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How Innovation In Animal Monitoring Technology Can Support Animal Health And Welfare

Part 2: Predicting Demand By Tracking Companion Animals’ Behavior and Wellbeing Examine how mobile apps and pet monitoring are providing more data on pet care demands and can improve ties between pet owners, vets, and service providers.

• Transform data from pet monitoring apps into usable information for vets and animal health companies to predict demand

• Help pet owners to track diseases in their pets, such as diabetes, or hyperthyroidism, and capitalize on the data this provides for you to streamline your products and market strategies

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Networking 1-2-1

Pre-scheduled meetings on the Networking platform

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Friday, August 20, 2021
Pre-Scheduled Meetings9:00 AM - 5:00 PMView Session